In this class we use techniques from multiple martial art styles that will teach fundamental principles of striking i.e. being able to hit an opponent while avoiding being hit back. There is a strong emphasis on basic skills that will be great for complete beginners to professional fighters. There are drills and exercises incorporated into the class to build overall athletic ability in addition to fighting skills. A great class for anyone looking to learn how to fight, get in shape, and have fun.

1 Hour Class 


This class teaches basic techniques from wrestling and jiu jitsu that are designed to control, subdue, and escape an attacker. There is a focus on practical application of these techniques in real life situations rather than focusing on just the sport application. This class will help build body awareness, strength, and flexibility, while also learning basic skills that will help you if a physical confrontation should ever occur.

1 Hour Class​


In this class we use a combination of striking and grappling techniques to create the most real and effective way of fighting. This class builds on the basic techniques learned in the grappling and striking classes and blends them together. This class will test your abilities and help you find the fighting style that works best for you. 

Equipment required: Groin protector, MMA gloves, mouth guard, good hygiene.

1 Hour Class

Fitness  Kickboxing

Punching and push-ups, kicking and kettle bells, battle ropes and box jumps. In this class we bump up the music and combine kickboxing with fun, functional exercises.  This class will shred calories, teach you proper punching technique -without getting punched back. It will leave you sweaty and smiling in just 45 minutes.  A great class for anyone looking to hit and get fit.  From newcomers to professional athletes, you will get a great workout and have lots of fun!

45 Minute Class

Kids MMA 

This is an MMA class just for kids. The primary focus of this class is to teach self defense and discipline. The secondary focus is to promote an understanding of body mechanics and proper exercise technique. There will be drills and games within class to keep it fun, but also to improve overall athleticism. This class will be great for any child who wants to learn self defense, improve their focus and sports performance, or needs an outlet/hobby.

1 Hour Class

Personal Training

If you are looking for an individualized training program, or you want to jump start your martial arts practice, this is for you. The whole session will be about you, your abilities, your needs and personal goals. My mission as a personal trainer is to help you achieve your fitness goals and give you the tools so that you can maintain these results on your own. I'll teach you the skills you need in order to keep the weight off, keep your back pain away, or whatever else your need may be.

30 minute -1 hour session’s available.

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Private group classes

Are you and a group of friends, coworkers, or family members looking for a great workout you can all do together? Look no further! Whether you're looking to learn some self defense, kickboxing or grappling basics, or even if you just want a fun workout, we can create a class that's designed around your group's personal needs. If you have your own facility that you'd prefer the class to take place in, we can come to you!

 Examples of classes:

  • Women's Self Defense

  • Kids Self Defense

  • HIIT (high intensity interval training) 

  • Fighting Basics

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